L1VM - course 03

math - old way

In this part I will write about the different ways to do math in Brackets.
Here is some code in the older way:

((x y +) z =)
(((a b +)(c e *) +) z =)

The second line has the two calculations added into the “z” variable!
There is two other ways to write math expressions:

math - infix new

{z = (x + y)}
{z = (a + b) + (c * e)}

Note: you have to use the curly brackets around the expressions: “{}”. And must use at least one normal bracket inside:


{z = a + b + c}


{z = (a + b + c)}

math - RPN

This is RPN notation math: reversed polish notation. The operator is after the variables:

{z = x y +}
{z = a b + c e * +}

This looks like the older way but needs no brackets “()”!

4: functions